duong Tu-Do ex rue catinat Saïgon septembre 1955

Deux sœurs en solex Saïgon

Thtre municipal de Sagon

Femmes Vietnamiennes devant le Garage Charner Saïgon

Velosolex et Camion Citroen Saigon

Femmes sur la rue Catinat Saigon

La semaine Saigon avril 1967

Indochine Sud-Est Saïgon

Indochine Sud Est Asiatique

Peugeot 203 Publiciité Jean Comte Saigon

La semaine à Saïgon-Aout 70

Derrière la cathédrale de Saigon

Citroen DS19 devant le temple Vinh Nghiem

En 1950 le Boulevard Charner Saïgon

La semaine a Sagon en 1961

Café rue Catinat Saigon

Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon

Solex Famililal à Saïgon

Soldat Armée Air en solex Saigon

Melia Cigarettes Saigon

Biere 33 Export Saigon

Colette et son velosolex devant le Cafe Givral Saïgon

Cady Motobecane Saigon

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Saigon Sports Circle

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"Le Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais"
(The Saigon Sports Circle)
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Saigon Sports Circle

Le Cercle Sportif Saigonnais (The Saigon Sports Circle) (C.S.S.)
(now Cung Văn hóa Lao Động)

The Saigon Sports Circle

The Saigon Sports Circle (Athletic Club)
55, Chasseloup-Laubat Street
(in 1955 Hông Thâp Tu St. now 55B Nguyễn Thị Minh Khai, Bến Thành, Quận 1)
Tel: 20.385
Bar: 20.288

Cercle Sportif Saigonnais Mai 1948 Cercle Sportif Saigonnais 1971

It was in about 1896 that the Cercle Sportif was established, but its status wasn’t officially recognized until 1902 and its activities ceased in 1975 with the fall of Saigon.
The C.S.S. occupied a space of about 5 hectares (ca. 12 acres) which belonged to the Saigon-Cholon area and which it rented. It consisted of several colonial style buildings :
The swimming pool was inaugurated in 1933 and was much used by the French and later by the Americans (among which the ambassador of the United States Henry Cabot Lodge during the ’60’s.).
"Our swimming pool, the pride of Saigon" was the motto of the bi-monthly magazine "la Revue du Cercle".
Ten tennis courts, eight of which were lighted.
Having returned to Saigon in 1968, General of the South-Vietnamese Army Duong Van Minh was a regular on one of the tennis courts of the Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais.
Football and rugby fields with bleachers that could hold 12,000 people.
Gyms for martial arts, calisthenics, fencing, etc…
The library was created in 1933 and in 1950 held 5,000 volumes, and the reading room had numerous newspapers and magazines from France. Periodicals arrive by sea, and newspapers by air.
our or five balls took place each year (the first was given on February 28, 1920!) to mark the visit of athletic teams; two parties were held around the pool; the grand ball at the end of February on the on the slippery floor of the courts was one of the most enjoyable social events of “Saigon’s gentry”. Christine Chanut.

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais 1950

Two Pages on
"Le Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais"
(The Saigon Sports Circle)
Pages: [1] - [2]

Cercle Sportif Saïgonnais

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