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Cyclo-Pousse & Citroën 2 CV

Ford Vedette Saïgon

Garage Jean Comte 34 Boulevard Norodom Saïgon

Air Vietnam Sa´gon Paris

La Pharmacie Centrale de Sa´gon

Cyclo-Pousse de Saïgon

Cinema Bonard Saïgon

Cigarettes Bastos

La rue Catinat à Saïgon

Savon Viet-nam

Autoradio Philips Saigon

Depuis le café de la "Pointe des Blagueurs" la station maritime Mobil

Etablissement Lucien Berthet Catinat Saïgon

Peugeot 202, Camion Renault Hotel de Ville Saigon

Simca Aronde sur le Boulevard Charner Sa´gon

Boulevard Charner Sa´gon

Peugeot 403 Velosolex Saïgon

Souvenir de Sa´gon

Cinema de Sa´gon

ThÚÔtre de Sa´gon

jeunes sa´gonnaises

Saigon-Phnom-Penh en 1953

Une Renault Dauphine dans une rue de Saïgon

Jeune Garçon de Saïgon

Peugeot 404 devant le ThÚÔtre

Croix-Rouge Française rue Thevenel

ThÚÔtre municipal de Sa´gon

Cyclistes devant l'Hôtel Continental de Saïgon

Le Boulevard Charner Sa´gon

Renault Fregate & Citroen Traction Saïgon

Citroen DS19 devant le temple Vinh Nghiem

Bureau des PTT de  Saigon

Militaires franšais devant le bureau des PTT de Saigon

Brasseries & Glacières de l'Indochine Bière Royale Cholon

Elephant du Jardin Botanique

Le Docteur Irwin S. Leinbach devant son Ambulance Peugeot de l'Hôpital Cho-Ray de Saïgon

Librairie Albert Portail

vendeuse ambulante

Colette et son velosolex devant le Cafe Givral Saïgon

H˘tel Majestic Saţgon

Sa´gon Photo

Peugeot 203 Ó Sa´gon

Marchandes de Sa´gon

Policiers sud-vietnamiens

Brodart rue Catinat Saïgon

Hôtel Continental de Saïgon vu de la rue Catinat

Cyclo-pousse, Renault 4CV Saïgon-Janvier 70

Boulevard Charner au fond l'Hôtet de Ville de Saïgon

Cigarettes Melia

Sortie d'une Úcole de Sa´gon

Devant le Parlement Novembre 1963

Hotel Caravelle Saïgon

Diethelm Vendeuvre Saïgon

Cigarettes Mic Extra Cholon

Manifestation en cyclomoteurs Saïgon 1967

H˘tel de Ville de Sa´gon et velosolex

Cigarettes Nationales

Taxi Peugeot 202 Saïgon

Boulevard Charner Sa´gon

Mobylette bleue dans les rues de Sa´gon

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

Les commerces de la rue Catinat Saïgon

Cabaret Arc-en-Ciel Cholon

Cathedrale Notre Dame Saigon

Soldat devant la riviŔre Sa´gon

magasins Vièn Dông

Garage Charner Saigon

Le Jardin Botanique de Saïgon

La terrasse Cafe Sa´gon

Un enfant sur un cyclo-moteur

Militaires sud-vietnamiens

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Drapeau francais

The Bank of Indochina
(now National Bank of Vietnam)

The Bank of Indochina Paris Saigon The Bank of Indochina Paris Saigon Bank of Indochina and chinese arroyo Rainbow bridge and chinese arroyo Bank of Indochina Saigon

The Bank of Indochina, a private French bank founded in 1875, controls the entire Vietnamese economy, it was located at :
Quai de Belgique (Belgium Embankment now Bến Chương Dương)
A branch is located at 178 LeLoi Street (Eden Passage) as well as in Cholon.
The headquarters of the Bank of Indochina is located at 96 Boulevard Haussman, in the 8th district of Paris.

The Bank of Indochina was bult in 1930, out of Bi├¬n Ho├á granite, by the architect F├ęlix Dumail, with:
- on the outside, columns inspired by Khmer archictecture.
- on the inside, a magnificent Art Deco style.

The value of the Piaster in the 1950ÔÇÖs.

La Piastre de l'Union Fran├žaise

The Piaster was the monetary unit of French Indochina. The Bank of Indochina had the monopoly on the minting of the Indochinese Piaster.
In 1953 the President of the Council, Ren├ę Mayer set the exchange rate for the Piaster at 10 Francs.
Therefore, 100 Francs (1950) = 1 New Franc (1958) = 0.5ÔéČ = 5.88 Piaster ($).

Banknotes issued by the Bank of Indochina

Une Piastre Cinq Piatres
Vingt Piastres Cent Piastres

Price of transportation around town;
Booklet for French military personnel.

Transportation around town was at the following approximate tarifs :
a-By cyclo-ricksha (only one person allowed)
- An ordinary trip.......................... 2 $
- - A long trip.............................. 3 à 4 $
- - By the hour............................ 15 $
b-By Moped (two persons allowed)
- An ordinary trip.......................... 4 $
- A long trip................................. 8 $
- By the hour.............................. 25 $

Cyclo-pousse, Renault 4CV Saïgon-Janvier 70 Hôtel Continental de Saïgon Hôtel Continental Cyclomoteur 23 Juin 1947

c- By Taxi
- Theater Square
- Bonard Boulevard
The 4 CV Renault taxis are among the more interesting means of transportation, because the amount to be paid is registered on a meter. .
For other taxis (American cars), one needs to inquire as to the tariff before being driven.
An average amount was about 40 Piasters per hour.
In the event of a dispute, the tariff is posted inside each vehicle.
Check it.

The 4 CV Renault taxis

Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Saïgon Taxis Renault 4 cv Saïgon


Phu Tho
The Saigon Race Track

L'Hippodrome de Saïgon Phu Tho l'Hippodrome de Saïgon

The Saigon race track was built in 1893 and was long considered to be the most famous of Southeast Asia.
The track was closed in April of 1975 but was reopened in 1989.

Boulevard Tong-Doc-Phuong au fond Hippodrome de Phu Tho Saigon

Tong-Doc-Phuong Boulevard and at the background the Saigon race track "Phu Tho".

The floating restaurant

My Canh the floating restaurant My Canh the floating restaurant

This floating restaurant on the Saigon river was destroyed on June 25, 1965 by two powerful bombs.

The Bank of East Asia

My Canh the floating restaurant

11, Lefevre street

The tomb of Marshal Le Van Duyet

The tomb of Marshal Le Van Duyet

Located 3 Km from the city center, the temple was restored during the 1930ÔÇÖs by the French School of the Far East. It is dedicated to General Le Van Duyet (1763-1831), a friend of the French, hence his current disgrace.
General Le Van Duyet, Viceroy of Cochin-China, loyal to Emperor Gia Long, entered into conflict with the EmperorÔÇÖs successor, Emperor Minh Mang who ordered him to execute the French missionaries who had been protected by Gia Long.
The Vietnamese pay homage to the general during the Têt festival by visiting his tomb where he and his wife are buried.
The Saigonese come to this place to have their wishes granted.

Vietnamese girl


Espagne (Spain) Street
(now Lê Thánh Tôh)

La rue d Espagne Saigon

Soci├ęt├ę Automobile d'Extr├¬me-Orient
Far-East Automobile Company
Citroen Branch in Indochina

37, Espagne (Spain) Street

Citroen SaigonCitro├źn SaigonCitroen Saigon

The front wheel drive sedan was imported by Citroen into Indochina starting in 1936 up to 1957 through its Indochinese branch.
It was the car of French government workers as well as of the Indochinese middle class of European and Asian heritage.
The Front wheel drive sedan remains the mythical car of the colonial period in the collective memory of the Vietnamese; it remains to this day the symbol of certain hotels, notably the Hanoi Sofitel, as well as of museums and local luxury tour operators for tourists in Hanoi or Saigon.

Citro├źn Citro├źn Citro├źn Citro├źn Citro├źn devant le cin├ęma Long Van Citro├źn ├á Hano├» Traction Citro├źn devant la Croix du Sud rue Catinat Sa├»gon Citro├źn ├á Sa├»gon Citro├źn ├á Sa├»gon Citro├źn ├á Sa├»gon Citro├źn ├á Sa├»gon Citro├źn ├á Mytho Citro├źn ├á Sa├»gon 1968 Citro├źn ├á Sa├»gon 1968 Le march├ę Central de Cholon

Soci├ęt├ę Industrielle et Commerciale
Xe Hoï Citroen Cong Ty

Citroen Citro├źn Sa├»gon Citro├źn

In the 1970's, the Soci├ęt├ę Automobile d'Extr├¬me-Orient became the Soci├ęt├ę Industrielle et Commerciale "Xe Ho├» Citro├źn Cong Ty"
37, Lê-Thanh-Ton

The Vietnamese 2 CV

CitroenDalat Citro├źn Sa├»gonCitroen

This company assembled in Sa├»gon until 1975 the vietnamese M├ęhari the "Dalat" specially adapted to the South Vietnamese roads.
The Dalat was available in a number of different versions.

North West Orient Dalat Citro├źn Sa├»gon Dalat Citro├źn Sa├»gon Renault 4CV & Dauphine Boulevard Charner Sa├»gon H├┤tel Continental Dalat Citro├źn H├┤tel Continental Citro├źn Dalat


Citro├źn Sa├»gon

With the model 2HP. Citro├źn 1966 for US. $ 1250.00 delivered in Saigon
Wonderful 4 door convertible
with an extraordinary resale value market.


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